FAQ » What is Skip Tracing?

The term skip tracing refers to finding a missing person or debtor who has literally “skipped town” without leaving a forwarding address or any clues as to where they can be contacted.

Skip tracing is usually undertaken by credit organisations to locate someone who has defaulted on credit repayments and left their last known address without providing forwarding details to evade having to repay the money owed by them.

Such debtor tracing can be undertaken for a variety of organisations such as landlords who are trying to trace a previous tenant who has skipped leaving rent payments unpaid and banks who have loaned money to people who have skipped without making repayments.

Whilst large organisations may have skip tracing teams of their own, many employ the services of a Skip Tracer who is a skilled professional agent licensed to find a missing person or debtor by collecting and collating information and legally employing the use of databases and search tools in order to locate them.

For information on how to skip trace, click HERE.

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