FAQ » How Can I Use A Reverse Lookup To Track A Cell Phone?

There is no single directory of cell phone numbers. White Pages cannot help you with tracing cell phone numbers because they are considered ‘private and confidential’ and have been UNLISTED from the public domain.

However, many providers have aggregated the data held on independent directory listings and have created databases containing all of the available cell phone numbers. These can be seen on the both free and paid web sites.

The best starting point is just to enter the number into all of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and MSN). If you’re lucky the search engines will have direct entries relating to the cell number or will extract the details from social networking sites.

Some of the online landline directories also have a cell phone search but the numbers available will be limited to those customers who have opted into the directory service. This however will be just a small percentage of the total cell phones in use.

Because of the laws such as the, ‘Wireless 411 Privacy Act’, which protects the confidentiality of cell phone users, using a cell phone lookup to identify the owner of a cell number can be a difficult task.

However a number of paid providers do exist and they will generally supply: name and address (old names and addresses are sometimes available), marital status, family details, income and home values with optional background checks.

You should expect to pay about $15 for a general search.

‘Phone Detective’ and ‘Reverse Phone Checkup’ are two providers of paid for services. In both cases independent tests showed their records to be 100% accurate where a match was found.

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