People Tracing FAQs

Whether you are trying to trace a missing relative, trace a debtor of just looking for an old friend, knowledge of how to use the wide-range of online resources is key to locating them. In this section of the website we hope to answer many of your questions with an ever-growing range of people tracing articles and information.

What Are the Key Steps to Finding a Judgment Debtor? »

In order to serve the notice of your particular lawsuit, you need to first find your judgment debtor. The next step will be to recover your judgment against this person. It is important to understand that no one else can … Continue reading

Can You Trace People Through Their Social Security Number? »

Finding anyone in today’s world is not easy especially when it comes to finding people whose details you do not have. The person you are looking for could have lived in this state today only for them to relocate to … Continue reading

How Can I Use A Reverse Lookup To Track A Cell Phone? »

There is no single directory of cell phone numbers. White Pages cannot help you with tracing cell phone numbers because they are considered ‘private and confidential’ and have been UNLISTED from the public domain. However, many providers have aggregated the … Continue reading

What is Skip Tracing? »

The term skip tracing refers to finding a missing person or debtor who has literally “skipped town” without leaving a forwarding address or any clues as to where they can be contacted. Skip tracing is usually undertaken by credit organisations … Continue reading

What is the Most Effective Method of Skip Tracing? »

There are broadly two types of skip tracing that are most commonly used by skip tracers in the USA and in the UK: Automated Skip Tracing and Desktop Skip Tracing. Automated  skip tracing services rely solely on information generated by … Continue reading

What Is A Reverse Telephone Lookup? »

As opposed to standard telephone directory lookups where someone enters the personal details of a person to a search directory in order to discover their telephone number, a reverse phone lookup is the reverse of this process whereby a telephone … Continue reading